Virginia Reel

Virginia Reel

Four couples - Men in one line facing Lady partner (Men on left side p.o.v. facing Band)
Each Line holds hands

All Couples move fwd 2 curtsy/bow and retreat. 2x
All Couples turn Right hand and retreat.
Repeat with Left hand.
All couples turn both hands and retreat.
All couples do-si do (turn around each other back to back w/o touching)

⁠1st Couple joins hands and sidesteps down to end of set and back.
1st Couple elbow turn each other Right, then 2nd partners Left.
Continue down the set, turn partner Right,

⁠Then join hands and sidestep to Top. Peel off on the outside to bottom and make an arch.
Other couples follow join hands at arch and walk up together.
New Top couple starts from the beginning.

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