Mairi's Wedding

Mairi's Wedding

First Couple spins and casts off 1, LH Turn

1st Lady walks around 1st corner position (always right shoulder to right shoulder)
Then proceeds clockwise around 2nd corner position.
Continues to 3rd position (across from where she just was)
Finally around 4th position.

At the same time, 1st Man does the same thing, starting with his 1st corner (always right shoulder to right shoulder)
and proceeding clockwise to 4th position.

Meanwhile, as each corner post is being walked around, switches places with diagonally opposite post (L shoulder to L shoulder)

Then Lady does Figure of 8 (up) with her 1st corner and his partner, while Man does Figure of 8 (down) with his 1st corner and her partner. (These figures of 8 go across the line of dance)

Circle with all who have just danced.

1st couple repeats dance one more time before going to end.

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