Duke & Duchess of Edinburgh

Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh

Four couples - Men in one line facing Lady partner (Men on left side p.o.v. facing Band)

Each Line Holds hands takes 2 steps forward and stamp 3x and 2 steps back, clap 3x, turn partners (2 Hand)

1st couple Bollards around couples 2 & 3 own sides (This means they make a Figure of Eight, but only the Active Couple moves in between the other dancers standing still, beginning by going behind the line. Top Couple ends up between Couple 2 and 3.)

Tea pots of 3, once round, Right handed (1st lady with 2nd couple -who will be on her right; 1st man with 3rd couple -who will be on his Right) Clockwise

1st couple change places back to back - 1st lady down to the 3rd couple as 1st man passes up to the 2nd couple

Tea pots of 3 once round Counter-clockwise Left handed

Leading couple then turn corners (RH crossed forearm) (MEN GO DOWN LADIES GO UP)

Leading couple then turn each other 3/4 (LH) in the middle

Leading couple then turn opposite corners (RH) 1st lady/man ending up between lady/man 2 and 3

Circle (4 traveling steps) to the left and then back with the all the dancers who just participated (Couple 4 stands by)

1st couple repeat all once more with couple 3 & 4, then step down to the end of their set allowing couple 2 to start with couples 3 and 4

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