Hamilton House

Hamilton House, also referred to as the "Spurn & Turn"

Four couples men in one line facing lady partner

1st lady sets to 2nd Man, turns (2 hands) 3rd Man

1st man sets to 2nd lady, turns (2 hands) 3rd lady and joins hands with 3d,r couple facing up (meanwhile 1st lady has gone behind 2nd man and joins hands with 2nd couple face down)

Each threesome moves forwards then retreats

1st couple then turn (2 hands) 1 ¾ times round the man placing the lady between the two men

Leading man joins hands between ladies 2 and 3. Leading Lady opposite joins hands with men 2 and 3

Forward then retreat.

The leading couple then turn (2 hands) 1 ½ times the man placing the lady between lady 2 and 3. The three active couples join hands in a circle and four traveling steps left clockwise and four back

The leading couple are now placed below couple 2 and start again with couples 3 and 4

After 2nd time they step down to the end of the set of 4 allowing couple 2 to dance with 3 & 4

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