Duke of Perth

The Duke of Perth Country Dance

Four couples, men in one line facing lady partner

1st couple turn (RH crossed forearm clutching elbows) once; cast down one place. (Ladies always cast behind ladies; Men behind men) 

1st couple turn each other (LH), turn 1st corners (RH) (MEN GO DOWN LADIES GO UP)

turn partner (LH), turn 2nd corners (RH), turn partner (LH)

Set to and turn (2 Hands) 1st corners, set to and turn (2 Hands) 2nd corners

Figure of eight on sides with corners the lady ends up between the two men & vice versa. Man turns partner back so she goes back to Ladies' side.

Same couple repeat once more with the next two couples and then steps down to the end of the set. 

Couple 2 now at the top then commences with couples 3 & 4

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