Eightsome Reel

Eightsome Reel

Four couples forming a square (lady on right side of male partner)

Four couples circle round clockwise and back with Traveling step

Cartwheel Clockwise with ladies joining hands in center, man with arm around partner’s waist 4

then reverse, men’s hands in center ladies on the outside (traveling step)

Set to partner twice and turn (two Hands) twice and swing straight out to next person with your LEFT hand out to form the Grand Chain: each person giving alternate hands to others (men going anti-clockwise and the women go clockwise) Everyone ends up in their original place in the square

Each person goes into the middle alone in turn (1st lady from couple nearest band first) the others join hands in a circle 4 Traveling Steps to the left and 4 back again

Person in middle sets to and turns partner (two hands) , then sets to and turns the man or woman opposite

The three persons involved then do a figure of eight. Same person remains in the middle and repeats with the other men or women. The next person moves into the middle of the square.

All Circle round and back


Set to Partners twice and turn twice

Grand chain

Swinging with partner reverse grip until music finishes

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