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Here are answers to a few of our most frequently asked questions:

⁠1. Do I need to know how to participate in Scottish Country Dancing?
A: No worries, we have 5 scheduled social lessons. We strongly recommend that guests new to Scottish Country Dancing attend 2 or 3.

⁠2. Do I need a partner?
A: No, you do not need to attend with a partner, but it is recommended. We do our very best to ensure an even ratio of Leads and Follows.

⁠3. How will I find people with whom to dance?
A: Signing of dance cards will occur during the whisky tasting. Guests are strongly encouraged to arrive on time and mingle during the tasting period. You will also meet people during the various "Reel-hearsal" parties.

⁠4. I am not Scottish. May I still attend? May I wear a Tartan?
A: We welcome all guests. If you do not have a family Tartan, there are a few Tartans designated for the USA and even one for New York City. We will be posting information on our social media accounts. Please email us at info@nyscottishball.com with any questions.

⁠5. Is it possible to rent a kilt?
A: Gentlemen may rent a kilt at a local purveyor. We have arranged a discount at the Piper's Cove. Mention our Ball and receive a 10% discount.

⁠6. Is any help or advice available if I wish to attend from out-of-town or abroad?
A: Absolutely. We have discounted accomodations available at a facility right near The Down Town Association. In addition, we have activities scheduled for the entire week-end for our out-of-town guests. Please email us, and one of our volunteers will be happy to help.

⁠7. May I wear a mask?
All guests are encouraged to use common sense and best safety practices. We are inviting guests to self test before each practice and the Ball. Masks are optional.

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